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When searching for the right electric rototiller reviews you need to research what type of machine will be good for your land. Electric rototillers reviews are a recent fan favorite and have thousands of them sold. Most gardeners love to keep their work simple, and this is where the electric rototillers come in.

However, while most people may decide to get a tiller, they are often bothered about choosing the perfect tiller for them.

There are different types of tillers available for your garden. Choosing the one which suits your need, as well as your work function, is a great way to get things started in your garden.

The electric rototillers are of various types, and sizes, so choosing the best to suit your needs could be a little tricky. However, this article is more of a review covering the best electric rototillers.

If you are in need of help in getting the perfect rototiller for your garden, then this article would come in very handy.

The best rototiller reviews

Electric Rototiller Reviews

Earthwise 11-Inch Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Model TC70001


The Earthwise 11” 8.5-Amp corded electric tiller/cultivator takes a mix of both tillers and cultivators.

While it’s true that some differences exist between cultivators and tillers, the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator throws away the differences and looks to perform the job of the two distinct machines.

The machine uses an 8 1/2-amp motor, which is pretty powerful to get you covered. The machine also features a competitive cutting width of 11 inches which is paired by a fair eight inches of depth capacity.

(Though the depth capacity fully depends on the state of the soil you’re working on, having the figures outlined is pretty useful for comparison purposes.)

The weight of the machine is also important; you won’t want a heavy unmanageable machine now, would you? Of course, you won’t, you would prefer to have a lightweight machine which would be light enough to be managed, while substantial enough to be able to dig in and break up the tough soil surface.

The Earthwise rototiller is a great fit with just around 25 pounds.

On the performance front, the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator does a decent job. Its main job description is to re-work soil portions previously tilled in modest gardens.

It’s not a superpower, so don’t expect a tremendous performance. This machine does a pretty decent work using its digging parts which are the set-up of a basic pair of four-blade steel tines.

The Earthwise rototiller/cultivator does its best to till most surfaces, however, due to the machines’ lack of weight and its simple blade profile, it tends to buck and skip some hard portions of the soil.

The Earthwise rototiller however does have a lot of good reviews from users, with most complimenting its ability to breeze through heavily weeded areas with considerable speed.

Though it probably would get caught up in the weed, and you might need to wrestle with it a bit, it will get snagged, and you might wrestle a bit, the Earthwise’s blades rotates pretty fast, and it would help you clamp down on a lot of weeds and materials.

The Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator is a budget rototiller, so you shouldn’t expect a big bang with this machine.

It however is bundled with all the benefits associated with electric tillers, which include; lightweight, being relatively quiet, uses little or no oil and/or gas.

Beyond that, it’s a pretty basic machine. To use, you simply press the start button, pull the lever, and away you go.

The handle of the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator is padded to give it that comfortable feel.

It’s also a sort of remote stop (an important safety feature), so if you let go of it, the tiller stops immediately.

As regards the pricing, the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator is priced at around $121 only, which is pretty incredibly cheap for its worth.

With its 8 1/2 hp, this Earthwise rototiller has one of the most powerful motors in this list. It however might not convert that power as efficiently as some other rototillers would.

It’s touted as a basic tilling machine, but overall it’s a very popular machine. The two-year warranty stamped on it goes to show that the manufacturer is quite confident and believes the machine would exceed buyers’ expectations.


  • Very cheap tiller at an amazing price
  • Pretty fast tiller, capable of clearing weeded areas with great efficiency and speed
  • Does not use gas and/or oil, and is less noisy compared to other tillers.
  • Features a very powerful motor with 8.5 HP.
  • It has a remote stop feature on the handle


  • Basic tiller, not suitable for hard, heavy and/or rocky soils

red rototillers review

Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator


The Troy-Bilt TR154E Electric garden cultivator is a rototiller with a 6 amp motor, which the manufacturer describes as “powerful”. While it’s a truly powerful device, the Troy Bilt TB154E is no match for the Earthwise motor in terms of power.

The Troy-Bilt when directly compared to the Earthwise might not be so distant, however taking into consideration the tilling width and depth of the machine (width of six to nine inches and a depth of five inches), you’d find out it’s more of a cultivator than a tiller.

The Troy-Blit machine weighs a high 32 pounds, which makes it a little heavier than some other electric tillers on this list.

The blades on the Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden tiller/cultivator are two, with each having eight tines. Each individual tine has a unique profile and a unique style of the curve.

While some of the tines are designed to dig, others are designed to tear down vegetable parts or disintegrate difficult clods.

Due to the small motor power of the Troy-Bilt TB154E, you shouldn’t expect to break down acres of new ground, even though the tines help in every way possible to get the job done.

The blades outside of the machine can be removed for easy tilling of narrow paths, say – six inches wide.

The Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator like all-electric tillers offers instant starting of the machine.

There’s a safety bar (with no padding) which is similar to those found on lawnmowers, which must be held in place or the machine would not run.

There’s also a “cord lock” in place which prevents the cord from accidentally removing itself from the power source.

As regards pricing, the Troy-Bilt TB154E costs about over 220 dollars at the moment. While some criticize it for costing more than other rototillers with similar features, most people admit it’s a pretty competent machine.

The Troy-Bilt TB154E is Ideal for a home or small garden or yard, as it can fit into really small spaces like 6 inches.

Overall, this machine is a pretty great machine and has received a fair amount of accolades from owners. And like the Earthwise, the Troy-Bilt also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Instant starting of the electric motor
  • Features some pretty impressive tines which are both wide and can dig deep
  • Features cord lock to prevent the cord from accidentally removing itself from the power source


  • It’s a pretty heavy machine
  • It’s more expensive than it’s top contender the Earthwise 11” 8.5 Amp tiller.

greenworks rototiller reviews

GreenWorks Cordless Cultivator, 4Ah Battery, and Charger Inc.


The GreenWorks 27062 G-Max deviates from the usual amp ratings which accompany most corded tillers. Rather, this machine’s battery is rated at 40 volts and four amp hours.

Due to this, comparing the GreenWorks 27062 G-Max rototiller in numerical terms with other rototillers is somewhat difficult.

However, you can still compare and contrast it with similar tillers by using their capabilities.

The tilling width of the GreenWorks 27062 is adjustable (from 8-1/2 to 10 inches), while the depth is quoted to maintain five inches, which makes it jump on our list of the best electric tillers.

The GreenWorks machine isn’t exactly lightweight, measuring an estimated 30 pounds.

Just like the Troy-Bilt electric tiller, the GreenWorks 27062 G-MAX Cordless Cultivator/tiller has two pairs of blades, and each of those blades has eight tines that curve inward and outward.

The tilling width of this machine is also adjustable to a minimum of 8 1/2 inches, with the maximum reaching a fair 10 inches.

However, because of the pretty wide tillers, don’t expect to use the GreenWorks tiller on really narrow paths that other tillers can be used on.

The challenge of how long it would last before it would need recharging which is faced by all cordless machines is answered by GreenWorks which states that the G-Max machine would go a full 40 minutes, however, this expected time actually depends on how hard the machine is working.

The manufacturer of the G-Max also claims that the machine operates at up to 8,000 ‘strikes’ per minute; at that rate, 40 minutes of run time sounds somewhat true)

Most owners of the Greenworks G-Max rototiller are pleased to have purchased it, although they are quick to point out that you need to have a realistic expectation when going for a cordless tiller.

This machine is best suited for light cultivation, aerating, and weed control in the garden. It won’t do much good when battling heavy undergrowths.

The GreenWorks 27062 G-MAX tiller just like the Troy-Bilt electric tiller is easy to start and features the same kind of lawnmower safety bar.

For added security and prevent accidental starting, there’s a two-stage switch implemented on the machine by the manufacturer.

The selling point of the GreenWorks 27062 G-Max is however the fact that it is cordless, allowing it to be used just about anywhere since you are not restricted to a fixed location due to cable length.

However, it also has its downside which is the run time that is advertised as 40 minutes.

While you could always get an extra battery, which you could swap at will, they are always expensive.

Of course, if you have any of the other GreenWorks GMax garden tools, you could try using the battery with the G-Max to see if it’s a match and can be used on the machine.

The battery itself is Energy Star rated, and the manufacturer claims you can charge it for around four cents

The GreenWorks 27062 G-MAX Cordless Cultivator is priced at a fairly reasonable price. While it’s not unusual for cordless types of equipment (even garden types of equipment) to cost more than the corded variants, the pricing of the GreenWorks 27062 G-MAX is however not very pocket friendly.

Users of the GreenWorks 27062 face two challenges just like other consumers of battery-powered tillers – additional weight and operating time.

For the weight, the GreenWorks surprising doesn’t weigh as much as most comparable corded models. Most owners can go on extremely hard work with the Greenworks 27062 for about 30 or 40 minutes, after which they would be okay to take a break.

For owners who would like to keep working while the battery charges, an extra battery is a great (but expensive) option. You could however swap batteries with other 40V G-Max cordless tools (that’s if you have any), saving you ample time, as you get to swap them as needed.

As regards the use, owners of the product suggest that would-be consumers develop realistic expectations of the product.

Most owners do find this machine; convenient, and a bit fast for getting things done.

They consider it one of the best tillers and suggest it’s used for strictly tilling and aerating, and shouldn’t be used for breaking new grounds.

The durability of the GreenWorks 27062 is top-notch, and all mechanical parts are guaranteed for four years, while the battery is guaranteed for two.


  • Features adjustable tilling widths ( minimum tilling width 8 1/2 inches, with the maximum reaching a fair 10 inches)
  • A very durable electric tiller
  • Very convenient tiller


  • Not suitable for heavy under-growths
  • A bit on the pricier side
  • Battery dependent lasts just for about 30 to 40 minutes per charge.


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