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Yard Machines vs. Troy Bilt Horse Tillers are two tiller brands popular among gardeners. Both brands offer a variety of models to choose from, each with its unique features. So, what is the difference between Yard Machines and Troy Bilt tillers? Yard Machines tillers are typically less expensive than Troy Bilt models, but they also tend to be less durable. On the other hand, Troy Bilt tillers are more costly but are built to last. Yard Machines tillers usually have more basic features than Troy Bilt models.

However, both brands offer a variety of attachments and accessories that can be added to their tillers to customize them for specific gardening tasks. Ultimately, the best tiller for you will depend on your budget and gardening needs.

Growing flowers and vegetables always starts with good soil. What is good soil? Good soil means it is fresh soil loaded with nutrients. To achieve that, you must prep and turn the ground.

Not only do the prepping and turning need to occur before the growing season every year, but it also should happen at the end of the growing season, as well.

This churning of the soil keeps the soil full of nutrients which, in turn, leads to the lush growth that everyone craves.

If you take the time to prep your soil at the beginning and end of every season, the land will thank you for it. You’ll be rewarded with lovely green plants year after year.

Reasons to own a yard machine tiller.

You may be thinking, “The last thing I need or want is another piece of gardening equipment taking up space in my garage.” You may not want to spend money on a tiller, such as a Yard Machine tiller or Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller.

You may even think you can grab a shovel and head outside to till the soil yourself.

First, tilling soil by hand is, by far, the most challenging job in gardening. It’s hard labor. For example, some of the tillers on the market will till soil down to twelve inches.

Can you imagine how hard that would be for a person to shovel to that depth for the whole of their garden bed? A person would be exhausted by the end of the first row.

In addition, tilling by hand doesn’t allow for the same uniformity that a Yard Machine tiller or Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller provides. With the engine-powered tillers, you know that the tiller can turn over any soil, whether it’s rocky or sandy.

They will do it at a uniform depth and width over the entirety of your garden bed.

While there are many jobs in gardening that you can do much better than any machine, such as designing your beds or planting your bulbs, in this instance, a tiller will save your back and your time.

Yard Machine vs. Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller

Now that you know about the necessity of a tiller, you may be inclined to talk to your garden friends and ask about what tiller they own.

You’ll quickly discover that when you talk about tillers with anyone in the know, two great brands immediately come to mind: Yard Machine and Troy-Bilt.

Both companies make excellent tillers for consumers looking for the highest quality. Both companies also provide the consumer with fantastic value for their dollar.

However, before we learn more about these two companies and their tillers and get into some insightful reviews, let’s enter into the debate: Should you rent or buy a tiller?

Rent vs. Buy – The Great Debate

Although tillers come in various sizes and price points, they aren’t cheap.

As a result, many people will tell you not to buy a tiller and, instead, to rent one from a tool rental supplier or a hardware store. You may be tempted to do just that.

After all, you think, I don’t have the money right now for a tiller. Maybe you think you won’t use it enough to justify the expense.

However, before you head off to rent that tiller, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

While renting a tiller may seem like a great way to save a few bucks, hidden costs to your wallet and your time come into play when you decide to rent a tiller.

1. Rental fees are often more expensive than you think. Be prepared for sticker shock.

Renting a tiller for even a day can be a costly proposition. If your plot of land takes more than a day to till, you will be looking at even more daily charges, and the bills rack up.

Consider that a tiller such as a Yard Machine tiller or a Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller can last years and years with the proper care and maintenance.

Even if you only use your tiller a few days per year, over the machine’s life, you’ll save money when you compare it with the rental fees for every day you would have used it.

2. You get what you pay for. The fact is that rental equipment is often beaten up, abused, and in a state of disrepair.

It seems to be the way of the world: people don’t treat rental equipment with the same care they would if it were theirs.

As a result, you may be renting a tiller that’s been beaten up and on its last legs, but you won’t know it until you’re out in your vegetable garden.

A rental tiller might stop working halfway through the job, leaving you with a half-tilled plot of land.

If you own your tiller, such as a Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller, you can treat it with the care it deserves. You’ll always know exactly what you’re getting when you do that.

3. Tillers retain value. If you own your tiller, you can sell that tiller. Tillers hold their value, and a used Yard Machine tiller will still fetch some money upon resale.

If you rent a tiller, you’re the one giving away money. If you own your tiller and want to sell it, you’ll be the one making money.

4. Familiarity equals better work. When you own a tiller, you know all its ins and outs.

You know how to start it and make it go in a straight line. You learn how to troubleshoot common problems. When you rent a piece of equipment, the tiller is brand new.

You may spend an hour each time just trying to figure out how to get the tiller started! You can get started quickly and get right to work when you own your tiller, such as a Yard Machine tiller.

5. Owning a tiller saves you time. You don’t have to drive to the hardware store and stand in line to get a tiller when you own your tiller.

Your tiller is already out in the garage, ready to go. Also, renting a tiller in the spring can be a difficult job!

You might spend an hour calling all over town to find one, only to find that there are none to be rented that day.

Owning a tiller means you skip all of that time-wasting activity and get right to work. Two good options for holding your own tiller would be a Yard Machine tiller or a Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller.

In short, buying a tiller may seem expensive or excessive, but owning a tiller will save you money and time in the long run.

Yard Machines: Excellent Tillers Since 1958

Yard Machines began in 1958 when the company first started making lawnmowers.

Yard Machines makes all kinds of quality yard machines, including Yard Machine tillers. Let’s take a look at one highly reviewed Yard Machine tiller.

Yard Machines vs. Troy Bilt Horse Tillers

Review 1: Yard Machines 208cc Rear Tine Tiller


If you’re not a farmer or someone with acres of land to till, this will be the perfect tiller.

This Yard Machine tiller works wonders for a person who has a small to the medium-sized garden that needs to be tilled.

In addition, this would also be a perfect fit for a person who wants to maintain a previously tilled garden bed.

A Yard Machine tiller doesn’t come without good power. A 208cc OHV Engine powers this rear tine tiller.

In terms of width and depth, the Yard Machine tiller has an 18-inch width and an adjustable tilling depth of up to six inches to get to the fresh soil below.

If you are worried about the quality of the tines, you shouldn’t be. This Yard Machine tiller comes with durable tines made of steel and extends to a length of twelve inches.

In addition, this machine features a 22-inch tine shield. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about rocky soil ruining the tines or your machine.


  • Loop and Bail handle with handle height adjuster to allow for easy maneuvering.
  • Easy to store because of its manageable size
  • Easy to use for anyone and everyone who wants a beautiful garden


  • Weight could be a factor for some individuals. This Yard Machine tiller weighs 185 pounds.

Troy-Bilt Tillers: Quality and Power

Perhaps the best-known company related to tillers is Troy-Bilt. Troy-Bilt tillers are proudly made in the USA in Troy, New York.

This company is known for quality and power. A Troy-Bilt tiller is sure to delight the gardener.

troy built horse tiller

Review 2: Troy-Bilt Cultivator with JumpStart Technology


This may be just what you’ve been waiting for. A Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller! This gas-powered tiller is ready to get to business with a 29cc 4-cycle engine.

What does that mean? It means that you have the perfect piece of equipment to cultivate vegetable gardens and beautiful flower beds. If you want perfectly prepped soil and green plants every year, start by using a Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller.

In terms of width, the Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller has an adjustable tilling width of between 6 to 12 inches.

The patented, forward rotating, eight-inch tines are made of premium steel and cultivated to a depth of five inches. This means that you will be turning up the freshest soil.

Tip: This is often an excellent time to add fertilizer or compost to your freshly turned soil for maximum growth.

The Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller also has a sealed, maintenance-free heavy-duty gearbox.

Just as you would expect from such a classic American company, the Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller comes with a two-year warranty. This means you don’t have to worry if your quality tiller encounters some difficulty. Troy-Bilt will have your back.
The Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller is easily manageable and can maneuver in tight spaces. That means it is perfect for tilling between plants or in a tight flower bed.


  • Troy-Bilt has made it easy for you: the engine on this tiller does not require mixing oil and gas.
  • The engine is high torque and low emissions.
  • Spring Assist, JumpStart technology allows the engine to be started without pulling a cord which helps those with shoulder injuries and limited strength
  • A folding handle design provides for saved storage space
  • The edging kit is included with purchase – an additional value!
  • Transport wheels allow for easy maneuverability in tight areas of your garden
  • Variable speed throttle


  • Spring Assist, JumpStart Technology allows the tiller to be started without pulling a cord, but the engine starter is sold separately


You’re on board now. You’re ready to go and purchase your tiller! Now that you’ve read the reviews of both the Yard Machine tiller and the Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller, you know that you are dealing with quality from both companies.

With established reputations and highly rated and reviewed products, you’ll be sure to purchase the right tiller and see the results in your backyard. After all, your garden beds are just waiting for fresh soil!

And remember: When you’re told that you should rent a tiller instead of purchase one, remember the helpful tips above regarding the dangers and impracticalities of renting a tiller.

Own your tiller and see the efficient and beautiful work that your Yard Machine tiller or Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller provides you whenever you look outside. Happy gardening!


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