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Perhaps you’ve wanted your vegetable garden to feed your family nutritious and home-grown produce. Maybe you have a vacant plot that you’d like to see developed and turned into a lush flower bed.

No matter what you want, if you need to get into the earth and till the soil, your best bet is a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller.

For your average gardener with a project that isn’t too intense, a front tine tiller and an electric garden tiller may be just the right products.

Where Can I Find a Front Tine Tiller or An Electric Garden Tiller?

You can find a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller just about anywhere: online, hardware stores, and big-box retailers, but Amazon is the best place to buy them from.

Many gardeners know all about these tillers and use them regularly. However, what if you’re new to landscaping or gardening? Save your back from heavy shoveling. You need to know all about front tine tillers and electric garden tillers!

Why Do I Need to Till?

Tilling is the first step in preparing your garden beds. Tilling is also the most labor-intensive part of any landscaping project. Why? Because soil, as it lays, isn’t always perfect and ready to be planted.

Soil usually has some problems. For example, it may be hard-packed, full of rocks, or choked with weeds. Those factors make it extremely hard for vegetables and flowers to grow.

Tilling the soil churns it up and brings up fresh nutrients. Tilling also allows you to add fertilizer to improve your soil for growth.

While tilling can be done by hand, it’s exhausting and much too hard for most people. Tilling is virtually impossible if you have a large section of land to till.

A tiller such as a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller can make the job incredibly comfortable because they do all the work for you. One of the easiest ways to till is with a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller.

What is a Front Tine Tiller?

A front tine tiller is probably the most common tiller that most people may be familiar with.

A front tine tiller generally looks a lot like a conventional lawnmower. The person operating the front tine tiller pushes the tiller in front of him.

As the person provides the forward movement, the front tine tiller bites into the earth, dig down, and turns over new soil.

What is an Electric Garden Tiller?

While most tillers are gas-powered and often require a mixture of oil and gas, there are now electric garden tillers that run on, you guessed it, electricity.

These electric garden tillers are often lighter than their gas counterparts and are more comfortable for many to use.

When Should I Buy A Front Tine Tiller or an Electric Garden Tiller?

There’s never a wrong time to purchase a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller. However, having the tiller well in advance of planting season makes sense.

As you must till the beginning and end of every season, you need to get a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller into your life as soon as possible.

A good time to purchase an electric garden tiller or front tine tiller is whenever you catch one on sale.

While these are premium equipment, they may sometimes be marked down. That may be a perfect time to strike!

Another good time to get a front tine tiller or electric garden tiller is around the holidays. While it may be challenging to think about gardening when there is a foot of snow on the ground, spring is always just around the corner.

If you’ve got your front tine tiller in the garage, you’re ready on Day 1 of Spring. You’ll be miles ahead of everyone else when preparing your garden!

Another excellent time to buy a front tine tiller or electric garden tiller is when a friend or neighbor buys one. If you both buy the same model, you can simultaneously learn the tricks of your electric garden or front tine tiller and swap information and tips.

Who Needs a Front Tine Tiller or an Electric Garden Tiller?

A front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller is necessary for any severe or semi-serious gardener.

If you fit that description and want your flower beds and vegetable gardens to look beautiful and produce, you must have a tiller, whether it be a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller.

A tiller separates you from the folks who throw their flowers into the ground and the more thoughtful, serious gardeners.

Should I Just Rent a Front Tine Tiller?

It certainly will cross your mind. Why don’t I just rent a front tine tiller instead of spending my hard-earned money?

While many think about renting a front tine tiller, the daily rental prices often turn out to be too much for a shoddily maintained piece of rental equipment.

If you use your electric garden or front tine tiller every year at the beginning and end of the growing season, you’re much better off going out and purchasing your own.

There’s no sense in paying rental prices when you can have your front tine tiller or electric garden tiller in the garage.

With the affordable and durable tillers on the market, there is undoubtedly a model that fits your needs and will become a welcome addition to your gardening tools.

Who Can Use an Electric Garden Tiller or a Front Tine Tiller?

The answer is easy: almost everyone! Whether you’re someone who likes to work carefully and methodically or if you’re someone who wants to get your garden beds done quickly, you need an electric garden tiller or a front tine tiller.

Teenagers can be trained to use an electric garden tiller; even older folks can use an electric garden tiller. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful yard or flower bed.

The Reviews are In: Buying a Front Tine or an Electric Garden Tiller

Buying a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller can be confusing. You might feel overwhelmed if you are not used to dealing with heavy-duty machinery.

We’ve taken some guesswork from buying a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller by giving you information and reviews.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Front Tine Tiller or Electric Garden Tiller

When purchasing such an essential piece of equipment, there are many things to remember.

Who will be using this front tine tiller or electric garden tiller? Can this person handle a substantial piece of equipment? If not, you might want to consider something with less power.

What about the size of the area to be tilled? Have you considered what width you want your tilled rows to be?

Can the tiller that you are considering purchasing adjust its width path? Are the tines durable? Can they handle rocky soil?

Finally, how is the tiller designed to accommodate ease of use? If you aren’t comfortable mixing oil and gas, look for a tiller with a smooth start or an electric garden tiller.

If you keep these questions in mind, you’ll be less likely to run out and buy a front tine tiller or electric garden tiller that isn’t 100% exactly what you need.

front tine tiller

Review 1: SFTT140 Front Tine Tiller by Southland


Get ready for a front tine tiller that can tackle any job. This front tine tiller by Southland offers adjustable tilling widths of 11, 16, and 21 inches.

This makes it the perfect front tine tiller for a yard or garden.
One of the most helpful features of this front tine tiller is the built-in manual recoil and secure start fuel delivery.

This excellent front tine tiller also has a gear drive Poly-V Belt System. All of this means that you have ease of use and accessibility.

What powers this front tine tiller? A 139cc OHV (overhead valve) 5.0-Foot/Pounds Engine keeps this beauty churning up new, fresh dirt. You’ll never run out of power with this engine.

Here are some more features of the Southland Front Tine Tiller that will make you smile. Did you know that this tiller has self-sharpening forward rotating tires and rear wheels measuring 8 inches for easy maneuvering?

This front tine tiller has been designed and engineered for easy use and maintenance.

It also features a two-year limited warranty to bring you peace of mind. What else will bring you peace of mind? Well, this front tine tiller has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Research Board (CARB), which means that you can use his front tine tiller in good conscience.


  • Constructed with self-sharpening tines and swing-tail with drag-stake for a fast and easy change from till to transport mode
  • Folding loop-grip handles make this front tine tiller easy to control and use


  • The speed of the tines is one speed only.
  • It May be hard to bust sod as some may find the tiller light in the front.

greenworks front tine tiller

Review 2: GreenWorks 27072 8-Amp Corded Tiller, 10-Inch


The new GreenWorks 8 Amp AC Electric Garden Tiller delivers some powerful results.

Powered by an 8 Amp motor, this electric garden tiller has an easy electric start, eliminating the need for mixing gas. It also means the elimination of the need for hard-to-manage recoil cords.

This excellent electric garden tiller has four 8-inch forward rotating tines. These tines deliver an adjustable tilling depth of up to 5 inches.

This electric garden tiller gives the user the versatility to dig until the proper planting depth is found. This electric garden tiller has an adjustable diameter of 8.25 inches to 10 inches in terms of width.


  • Handle folds down for simple and easy storage and transportation
  • Works well in sandy soil with dense weed roots
  • Wheels are adjustable, which allows for the range of tilling depth.
  • A newer version of the 270102 popular model


  • None noticed

Get Ready for Action!

You’re powered with information now. You can determine whether a gas-powered, front tine tiller is right for you or if the electric garden tiller is more your speed.

Certain factors such as soil condition, plot size, and user ease of use are practical considerations that must be considered when making this big decision.

However, rest assured: there is undoubtedly a front tine tiller or electric garden tiller out there that will be just right for your yard and give you the results you crave.

Using a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller will take your front or back yard or plot of land to an entirely different level.

If you’ve been plunking your flowers and seeds into the ground every year and expecting miracles, using a front tine tiller or an electric garden tiller will amaze you.

Suddenly, you will have the kinds of green and lush plants you’ve only seen in magazines or in your dreams!

Creating, nurturing, fertilizing, and using suitable soil will take your garden from 0 to 100. Your front tine or electric garden tiller will help to get you there.

No matter if you choose an electric garden tiller or a front tine tiller, enjoy using your front tine tiller or electric garden tiller and watch the fantastic results grow every spring and summer!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the tiller goes from being just another piece of machinery to buying to being your number one ally in the quest for the perfect yard and flowers!


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