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Maybe you’ve dreamt of having your vegetable garden. Perhaps you have a plot that you’d like to see developed and turned into something worthwhile and beautiful.

Possibly you have landscaping fantasies of carefully manicuring a bunch of flowerbeds. Regardless of what you want to do, if you have to dig into the ground and make the soil ready for vegetables and flowers to grow in it, you should purchase a pull-behind tiller (also known as a tow behind tiller. We will use the terms interchangeably throughout).

Pull behind tillers are standard in stores and online. Many serious farmers and gardeners know all about these tillers.

However, what if you’re new to gardening or have your first landscaping project just in front of you?

Why Do I Need A Tiller at All?

Tilling is how you prepare your soil for planting. Hands down, tilling is the hardest, most labor-intensive part of any landscaping project.

The problem is that soil, as it lays, isn’t always perfect and ready to be planted. Land usually has many challenges. It may be hard-packed, full of rocks, or have a bunch of weeds in it.

Those factors make it extremely hard for vegetables and flowers to grow and flourish. When you till the soil, it becomes suitable for plants to grow in it quickly.

Tilling also allows you to fertilize the soil using fertilizers, which is a big plus point.

While tilling can be done by hand, it’s exhausting and back-breaking labor.

Tilling by hand is almost impossible if you have a large section of land to till.

Motorized pull-behind tillers make the job incredibly easy and painless as these machines will get the most difficult parts done for you.

What is a Pull Behind/Tow Behind Tiller?

The name is almost self-explanatory. A pull behind tiller or tow behind tiller is an earth tiller that goes behind and is pulled by another machine.

You’re probably thinking, What kind of machine do I need? Well, a pull-behind tiller can be pulled by everything from an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) to a regular garden tractor.

The towing machine is what moves the pull behind the tiller forward or gives it its propulsion. The tow-behind tiller then breaks ground, churns, and turns up the soil.

Do pull behind tillers work?

Why is it necessary to own a pull-behind tiller?

A pull-behind tiller is a necessity for any farmer or gardener. Are you a landscaper? A tow behind tiller is for you.

Builders may also find them very useful. Pull behind tillers will be an asset to anyone who needs a more extensive section of land cultivated. If you need fresh soil for anything, a tow behind tiller is right for you.

The Benefits of a Tow Behind Tiller

Most people are much more familiar with a walk-behind tiller. However, a pull-behind tiller or tow-behind tiller has more power and can be even more effective and efficient.

Why? Walk-behind tillers divide their engine power between moving forward and turning the actual tines of the machine. That means the full force of the engine isn’t devoted to turning up soil.

With a pull behind the tiller, the vehicle doing the towing is providing the forward movement, leaving the entire engine of the tow behind the tiller to turn the tines.

What does this mean? It means more power devoted to the tines and tilling. It also means that your area will be cultivated much more quickly than if you’d used a walk-behind tiller.

Does it take a lot of force to use a pull-behind tiller?

Another benefit to tow behind tiller is that they are easy to control. Walk-behind tillers often require quite a bit of strength to manage them and keep them moving in a straight line.

With a tow behind tiller, you can simply ride on your towing vehicle and enjoy the process! You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to use a pull-behind tiller!

Pull-behind tillers may be more comfortable for older folks, and the towing vehicle will provide all the strength required.

You shouldn’t rent a pull-behind tiller

You might think to yourself, why don’t I just go ahead and rent one of these tilling machines instead of spending the money on a pull-behind tiller?

While many people think about renting a pull-behind tiller, daily rental prices can be astronomical.

If you use your tow behind tiller more than once, you’re much better off just to go out and purchase your own. It’s not very sensible to pay an absurd amount on renting a tiller when you can only spend a bit more and have your pull-behind tiller in the garage.

With the affordable and durable pull-behind tillers on the market, you don’t have to get ripped off by renting a tiller; just look at our reviews below, and you’ll find a pull-behind tiller for your needs.

For whom is a pull-behind tiller suitable?

The answer is easy: almost everyone! As the pull-behind tiller doesn’t require any brute strength, the person using it can simply ride on the towing vehicle.

This tiller is for anyone with a larger piece of land that needs to be tilled but doesn’t have the strength or inclination to wrangle a walk behind the tiller.

Best Tow-Behind Tillers Reviews

Buying a tow behind tiller can be a tricky process for many people.

Unless you’re somebody that regularly deals with heavy garden machinery, you’ll undoubtedly feel overwhelmed when you’re going through the crazy amount of pull-behind tillers available on the market.

Maybe you’ve never wanted to deal with heavy machinery or tractor equipment before!

We’ve taken quite a lot of the guesswork out of buying a tow-behind tiller by giving you information and reviews of some of the highest-rated pull-behind tillers on the market.

You’ll be ready to break ground after reading these reviews!

Things to Look For When Purchasing a Tow Behind Tiller

  • Look at the engine size. Will this tow behind tiller do the job? How many ccs or horsepower does the pull behind tiller have? Know the answers to these questions before you buy.
  • Think about how easy or hard it is to attach the tiller to the towing vehicle. Is it a universal pin type of hitch? Or is it something more complicated? Are you comfortable with the process of attachment?
  • Size matters. How large is the area that you wish to till? Some pull-behind tillers have a 36-inch tilling path, while others have a 48-inch. Know your area and buy accordingly.
  • Check out the tires of the pull-behind tiller. Are they heavy-duty, pneumatic tires? Will they be able to stand up to your terrain? If you’re leery, steer clear. You don’t want a tow behind tiller that gets flats!
  • Think about warranties. Does your machine come with one? It may bring you greater security knowing your pull-behind tiller is under contract.
  • Think about the price. If you’re still thinking that renting is the way to go, be aware that tillers can rent at high rates. You may be much better off buying your very own pull-behind tiller. Most households could benefit from owning their pull-behind tiller.
  • Do you have adequate room to store your tiller? While many aren’t much bigger than a lawnmower, some tow-behind tillers may take up more place. Make sure you have space prepared to house your brand new pull-behind tiller.

best tow behind tiller

Review 1: Multi-Fit Universal Tow-Behind Tiller by Agri-Fab

If you’ve got a planting area or bed that needs to be ready for spring, then the Agri-Fab Tow Behind Tiller may be just the tiller for you.

This pull-behind tiller can be towed behind any lawn or garden tractor with at least 12 horsepower.

This pull-behind tiller uses a universal pin-type hitch, which means easy accessibility. Get ready to plant that garden!

The Multi-Fit pull-behind tiller comes with a three-year limited consumer warranty, which will bring you peace of mind. Rest easy, knowing that your tiller is safe!

In terms of an engine, this pull-behind tiller has a five-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, which should allow you to tackle any soil condition, whether sandy or loamy.

The tilling width of the Multi-Fit Universal Tow-Behind Tiller is 36 inches using six tines. This should allow you to easily till any size plot of land.



  • May not ship with all the oil needed to start right up and get going
  • It has some assembly that may be difficult for the less experienced people

affordable tow behind tiller

Review 2: ATV Tiller with 205cc Briggs and Stratton by Field Tuff

Don’t let the name fool you! While the title of this pull-behind tiller references only ATVs, this tiller can be pulled behind any ATV, UTV, or tractor.

This excellent tow behind tiller has blades that are twelve inches long to dig deep and churn up quality soil.

Powered by a durable 205cc Briggs and Stratton motor, this tiller will finish your work quickly and effectively. It will be “one and done” with the Field Tuff ATV Tiller!

One of the most helpful features of this pull-behind tiller is that you can quickly raise and lower the tiller right from the seat of your garden tractor.

You don’t have to get out of the seat and fiddle with the pull-behind tiller.

Faster adjustments mean the work is done quickly and correctly! When you’ve got lots of lands to cover, you don’t have precious minutes to waste on adjusting the height.


  • This pull-behind tiller even has a shock-absorbing spring hitch!
  • It has 24 tine blades
  • Features a 36-inch full path
  • Turf tires mean you’re set on any kind of terrain.


  • None noticed

tow behind cultivator

Review 3: 48″ Tow-Behind Cultivator By Field Tuff

This tow behind tiller by Field Tuff features a 48-inch full path. What does this mean? It means you can cover more ground! This pull-behind tiller works with 500cc or larger ATVs or UTVs.

This tow behind tiller has depth control, which means you can control how deep the tines dig.

The Field Tuff 48″ Cultivator also has a manual lever so that you can tell where it’s needed.

Another excellent feature is that this pull-behind tiller features a pin-style hitch that adjusts to the height of the towing vehicle.

What does this mean to you? It means that attaching the pull behind the tiller is much more comfortable.


  • Powder-coat finish means durability. This will last!
  • 1-year limited manufacturer parts warranty for peace of mind
  • Seven shanks with removable shovels
  • Pneumatic tires for any kind of steep terrain


  • It may be too large for smaller areas
  • A bigger turning radius required

Get Ready to Garden with Your New Pull Behind Tiller!
Now that you’re ready to purchase your tow behind tiller, keep all the information and reviews in mind.

Remember that tilling is, hands down, one of the most significant factors when it comes to your gardening success or failure.

Getting your soil properly turned and fertilized with a pull-behind tiller puts you ahead of the game.

When your neighbors remark about your new Bermuda grass or a lush flower garden, you can thank your tow behind tiller for getting you off to the right start.



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